So I was trying to get the latest files for a Flex project recently and I had an error about a missing stylesheet. I of course took the standard approach to fixing this and promptly bitched at the foolish developer who neglected to commit the crucial element… Alas turns out I was the fool and upon doing what I should have done in the first place and checking the logs and repository turns out the file was actually committed already.

So I check the file system, no dice. Do another update, nope. Try synchronizing with repository, nada. Try about 10 more updates on the off chance it will magically work one time, amazingly it doesn’t. WTF!?

Anyway turns out the solution is to do the following:

Right click project select “Update to version”

Choose HEAD, change Depth to “Fully recursive” and tick “Change working copy to specified depth”

Et voila, all files and folders get gotten again, no idea what causes this hiccup but this is much nicer than previous resolution of deleting entire project and checking out again 🙂