I’ve not been posting much lately as I’ve set myself a new project for my spare time that for once doesn’t involve me being sat in front of a computer screen. Last Saturday I picked up my old 1992 Mini Cooper from a friend’s place where I had been storing it for two years.

It’s certainly not going to pass any MOT any time soon but I intend to get her started and running again and eventually get her road legal again.

Here’s some pics:
The car:
The Car
The Back:
The back
The Engine (needs a bit of a clean up!):
The Engine
The Interior
The Interior
The Rust (ahem…)
The Rust

The first plan is to get the engine started which hasn’t ran for well over two years. Once that milestone’s been achieved I’ll be cleaning her up alot and then getting to work on the bodywork.

A little off topic from my usual posts but as it’s been taking up alot of my time lately thought I’d post something.