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I don’t know

02 Dec

Share what you know, shout about what you don’t. One of the best skills to have in any profession, is the ability to say “I don’t know”. The default perception might be that not knowing something is a sign of inexperience or even stupidity (“why does everyone seem to know this when I didn’t?”). Have […]

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Advent blogging

01 Dec

I really don’t need any more chocolate in my life, as such I’ve decided my daily advent treat between now and Christmas will be to post something new on my blog. Every day. I’m stealing the idea from a tweet I saw by Remy Sharp but it also serves as a rather ambitious commitment to […]

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Upcoming Events

03 Sep

I find community events hugely rewarding and great fun to be a part of. Here’s some I’m involved with in the coming few months. Shareup Soton – 29th September Last month we held the first ever Shareup event at Rareloop in Southampton. Shareup is a real world meetup for digital content creators (bloggers, YouTubers, designers, […]

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re:cognition hack event at Microsoft Paddington

26 May

After last years amazing Kinecthack London, we’ve teamed up again with the MS Dev Experience team for another amazing event: re:cognition This event offers attendees the chance to explore some incredible new technologies from Microsoft’s Cognitive services and new Windows 10 capabilities. The focus is on exploring new methods of device interaction such as vision, […]

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Am I a success?

05 May

“Hands up if you consider yourself a success?” Steve Stopps of Lumo Developments asked in his presentation at Pocket Gamer Connects recently. I raised my hand. I did this because it’s a question I’ve recently asked myself. Seemingly a couple of others had done too as they also raised their hands. However, the vast majority […]

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“I don’t have time for that”

18 Feb

We all say it. But what we’re actually saying is “That’s not high enough on my priorities list”. Which is fine, if you’ve actually thought about things in terms of priorities instead of simply defaulting to time availability. Anyone can (and everyone does) fill their time with “stuff”. But that stuff might just be the […]

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Rocket Jump Events

23 Oct

Wherein I use the terms “Events”, “Video Games” and “Video Games Industry” a lot* I love community events It’s fair to say attending and organising events has become a bit of a hobby of mine over the years, maybe bordering on obsession. There’s something I find extremely fulfilling about helping to enable an environment to […]

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Hack to the Future

23 Oct

Unless you’ve been sleeping on your porch in alternate reality 1985, you will have noticed that yesterday, Wednesday 21st October 2015 was #futureday. The date in which Marty McFly travelled forwards in time to in the second Back to the Future movie. Well on Saturday 17th October 2015, me and co-conspirators in hackday mischief Jon […]

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Smartphone Focus

18 May

Does the lack of (real) multitasking on mobile devices help us focus? I was interested to read the results of Dharmesh’s Slack opinions survey today. Whilst the outcomes of the survey are interesting themselves I was particularly taken by one statistic: On average, mobile device users completed the survey 2 whole minutes faster than those […]

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Thoughts on HoloLens

30 Apr

Microsoft announced HoloLens, a holographic headset computer back in January and it’s just been one of the many features of their Build 2015 event. The project is attracting a lot of attention and generally being well received on first impressions. Microsoft seems to be exuding high confidence in HoloLens so fingers crossed the retail delivery […]

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