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Smartphone Focus

18 May

Does the lack of (real) multitasking on mobile devices help us focus? I was interested to read the results of Dharmesh’s Slack opinions survey today. Whilst the outcomes of the survey are interesting themselves I was particularly taken by one statistic: On average, mobile device users completed the survey 2 whole minutes faster than those […]

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Thoughts on HoloLens

30 Apr

Microsoft announced HoloLens, a holographic headset computer back in January and it’s just been one of the many features of their Build 2015 event. The project is attracting a lot of attention and generally being well received on first impressions. Microsoft seems to be exuding high confidence in HoloLens so fingers crossed the retail delivery […]

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Kinecthack London

30 Apr

I enjoy attending events, you get to learn new things, meet people, see other’s work and more often than not be inspired to do more/better yourself. I enjoy them so much so I want to share these benefits with others and so have organised a few events of my own along with some friends. Back […]

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08 Mar

Last week played host to game development conference GDC. Held in San Francisco, it’s is one of the biggest game dev events of the year. It also costs thousands of dollars to attend, let alone arrange travel and accommodation for. Not to be deterred however, a collective of rather passionate and enthusiastic indie game developers […]

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The saviour of Windows Phone

12 Feb

Last week (ironically at a Microsoft event) I broke my Google Nexus 5 Android phone so I have reverted to a previous device, my old Nokia Lumia 800 running Windows Phone 7.1. This experience has got me thinking about the current and future state of Windows Phone. Windows Phone 7 First things first, going back […]

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Not the future we deserve, but the one we need

26 Apr

We’re living exciting times, but the near-future still has plenty of great digital advancements yet to come. Here’s some thoughts on where we could/should be in the next few years with regards to our devices and data… I’ve just got back from the excellent “Glass vs Rift” event at Bournemouth’s equally excellent Open Device Lab. […]

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21 Oct

I have a bad memory. Actually, I have a good memory but a poor ability to recall it at the appropriate time. When left uncontrolled, things I have to do haunt me. Generally when I’m driving or trying to sleep so can’t do anything about them. Stuff I should have done, stuff I should do, […]

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Installing Magento on IISExpress

04 Aug

I’m currently evaluating various ecommerce platforms, the golden child of which lately appears to be Magento. Giving the system requirements a quick glance I noticed the lack of support for Windows and IIS. I’ve been very impressed with Microsoft’s support for non-MS stuff lately and the ease at which you can get PHP sites up […]

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Anxiety into action

05 Jun

I had a thought and posted a tweet the other day, reflecting on it (along many other throw away thoughts) I decided it deserved more substance than the 140 character limited snippet it was. The key to surviving running a business is the ability to turn anxiety into action. #dansfacts — Dan Thomas (@DannyT) May […]

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Keep up!

31 Mar

The next slide in my series on how to suck at running a business, suggests getting comfortable with what you know… View presentation View full size Our mistake Hands up who remembers Classic ASP? I do. It was our weapon of choice once upon a time. Classic ASP was Microsoft’s first server-side scripting language, first […]

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