Running events is a weird hobby.

But I find it incredibly fulfilling. I’m an enthusiast about many things, but something I absolutely love is fanatical people. Bringing people together with a common interest to share knowledge, create, network and/or socialise feels like a legitimately impactful pursuit.

Here’s a list of some of the events I organise, co-organise or have been involved in.

Rocket Jump Events

There are quite a few events within the games industry, but there are few that aren’t heavily commercialised and with more of a community focus. As such, we created Rocket Jump Events. They are typically in an evening, consist of 4 speakers who share a 20-minute talk on a topic of their choosing and also offers a small showcase/expo of games companies showing off their wares in a relaxed social environment often aided by some complimentary drinks.


hacksoton logo

Sick of always having to travel to participate in hack events, I teamed up with Tom, Phil and Adam from local agency Etch to create something a bit more local. We started small, running the first event out of Etch’s town centre offices but quickly realised we needed to scale as the idea was popular. HackSoton has now become one of the most significant events in tech calendar. Each year we see hundreds of enthusiastic participants of all ages meet up to learn and make new things.

Barcamp Southampton

Following the success of Hacksoton, the team felt that a barcamp type event would be a complimentary event that appealed to both the tech community and offers something more inclusive to those not yet confident enough to join a hack day. A simpler set up and a six-monthly rotation with Hacksoton allowed us to add Barcamp Southampton to our roster which again has proved a big success.

Barcamp Southampton

Shareup Soton

I’m going to blog more

Is an often short-lived promise by many of us in the tech industry. Shareup was an event I wanted to make where attendees would make that same commitment to each other, rather than just themselves. The idea is that you’re issued a “buddy”, who you make your content creation commitment to who will cheer you on and help review your work. At the next event, those who deliver on their commitments are celebrated and given a small prize to reward them. With the help of enthusiastic student Jack Davies we created the event and have hosted it (mostly) monthly since. It’s now primarily handled by Jack and Ben Joy, but I still attend as much as possible and am always proud of and impressed by the achievements of the attendees.


The Microsoft Kinect is (was?) an amazing piece of hardware which enabled a new world of user input and interface opportunities. Curious about its capabilities and the different contexts it could be used in, Moov2 teamed up with Microsoft UK’s developer relations team to create Kinecthack London. Over the course of a weekend we enabled a host of developers to experiment, create and play to build a staggering number of concepts using the Kinect v2 sensor.

Kinecthack London Summary


After the successful Kinecthack, we were keen to work with Microsoft again. This time we curated an event called Re:cognition which focused on capabilities offered by Microsoft’s Cognitive services. Using easy to use AI and machine learning tooling, coupled with enahnced input technologies such as the Kinect sensor we once again created a space for developers to experiment and create projects they might not normally get to participate in during their 9-5.

Have an idea for an event?

If you’re interested in collaborating on an event idea, feel free to drop me an email to [email protected]