Web, mobile and digital strategy for the video games industry

Hello! I’m Dan Thomas and I do lots of stuff. Typically related to Web, mobile, video games and general digital tomfoolery. I’ve had the privilege to work on projects with the likes of Lionhead (RIP), Supermassive Games, Hello Games, Hasbro, Barclays, Mars and many more amazing clients.

For the past 15 years I’ve headed up digital agency Moov2 on the UK south coast in the beautiful New Forest. We build web and mobile experiences across all the major platforms. I have an incredible team that really know their stuff, they put up with all sorts of crazy distracting ideas from me and still manage to consistently deliver exceptional work to our clients.


I’m a huge advocate of community events and love to do my bit by organising some of my own with my team or other awesome folks.

Video Games

Despite what I was told, I never grew out of video games. I started gaming on a ZX Spectrum 48k way back in the eighties. I eventually graduated to a ZX Spectrum +2 (where I cut my teeth programming in BASIC) and subsequently worked my way through most of the major games consoles. I played a lot of PC games in the 90s which I’ve recently been getting back into having built a gaming PC in the past year. I’ve been catching up on all things Indie and throwing far too much money at Steam sales.


I’ve dabbled in making games as a hobby throughout my life. From copying BASIC from magazines to hacks in Visual Basic. I made lots of Flash games working in e-learning for a while and I released a puzzle game for Windows Phone. It’s never been a serious pursuit that I’ve committed much time to but more recently I have been dabbling in Unity3D and found a passion for game jams, which are just great fun.


Most of my work and other interests are pretty sedentary and screen focused, but I do love outdoors activities particularly cycling. My passion is Mountain Biking but I also do a lot of road cycling to keep somewhat fit. I regularly enter events in a very non-competitive fashion.

Say Hi

I’m @DannyT on Twitter or see more of my work on LinkedIn