I really don’t need any more chocolate in my life, as such I’ve decided my daily advent treat between now and Christmas will be to post something new on my blog. Every day.

I’m stealing the idea from a tweet I saw by Remy Sharp but it also serves as a rather ambitious commitment to the excellent #shareupsoton event myself and @whatjackhasmade run. ShareUp all about making a commitment to creating content, to real world, like minded people.

This is a bit of a departure from my standard blogging velocity of late so I’m going to take it easy on myself and keep posts short and sweet. Hopefully this will set me into a good rhythm to carry forwards into the new year (no I don’t plan on blogging every day in 2017, but hopefully more).

So, happy December 1st all, the 2016 finish line is near, new years resolutions are on the horizon but don’t wait until then, why not finish with flourish and set yourself a challenge to see through before the year is out?

Let me know on Twitter what your festive season goal is!

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