After last years amazing Kinecthack London, we’ve teamed up again with the MS Dev Experience team for another amazing event: re:cognition


This event offers attendees the chance to explore some incredible new technologies from Microsoft’s Cognitive services and new Windows 10 capabilities. The focus is on exploring new methods of device interaction such as vision, speech, pen and ink and various other things.

Last year’s Kinecthack London was such a good event and I’m really pleased we get to work with the DX team again. Tickets for re:cognition have been flying and we’re nearing capacity after just a couple of days. Because Cognitive services are a suite of web apis this event is open for developers on all web-enabled platforms be that Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, IOS or some crazy web enabled IOT thing, anything goes!

Go grab your ticket now:

Or check out the video from last years event if you need more convincing: