Last year I attended the inaugural Silicon Beach conference in Bournemouth, had an excellent time and learned a lot. Good news is, it’s back again this year and looks to be another great conference.

Silicon Beach 2012

Digital Marketing

Whilst I do run my own “digital” company, Moov2 is very much development focused and as such we tend to keep our attention on the technical side of all things digital. Us developers are a bit stuck up when it comes to “digital marketing” and the term conjures thoughts of SEO spammers and people in suits trying to make a quick buck without any real understanding of technology. Of course, as I found out at last year’s conference this is not at all the case and their are some extremely passionate and intelligent people doing some incredible things in the digital marketing field.

As someone so development orientated, the marketing side of things is somewhat outside of my digital comfort zone. This is what makes Silicon Beach such a valuable experience. If there’s a place to pick up some advice and inspiration about digital marketing then the gathering of some of the best minds in the industry presenting and sharing their experiences is it.

Marketing is something I hope to focus on this coming year at Moov2 so Silicon Beach offers the ideal platform to kick things off. Give me a shout if you’re going and if not, you should.