I was bored and feeling rebellious so I thought I’d reset my twitter followings and start from scratch. It’s a good opportunity to clear out any dead accounts and I’m curious to see if the conversation in my twitter stream feels different.

I suspect I’ll end up following most of who I previously engaged with on Twitter but as technology and interests change it will be interesting to see how my new set of followees compares to before the wipe.

I’m also going to try and engage more with those I follow and see if twitter can be used as a platform for quick chats and brief discussion instead of a roaring wash of semi-relevant/useless information. We’ll see anyway.

If I’m not following you, don’t be offended I didn’t take any record of my previous followings and am just seeing where I end up, tweet me and share your views on this or anything else and I’ll be back on your case 🙂