We’ve just released our .Net MVC Boilerplate project. It’s a mashup of all the cool stuff we’ve been playing with lately including:

  • ASP.Net MVC (obviously)
  • MongoDB
  • Simple.Data
  • HTML5Boilerplate
  • LessCSS
  • Modernizr

If you’re a .net developer familiar with MVC I strongly recommend having a play around with this project. Simply throw the following code at your git bash:

git clone git://github.com/moov2/dotnet-mvc-boilerplate.git myproject
rm -rf myproject/.git
myproject/setup MyProject

and have a poke around. Note you’ll need mongodb installed (other database options will be added soon).

Without doing anything but the above you will have a working .net project complete with minified css and javascript and a comprehensive suite of tests ready to go. There is some basic functionality implemented demonstrating some key features that are suitable for most web applications and the site is responsive so device friendly out of the box.

We’re very keen to get any input from anyone who takes a look so feel free to fork, post any issues to github or tweet me @dannyt, @peterkeating and/or @moov2 with your thoughts :).