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Ever had a thought about any website and how it could be made better? Felt compelled to jump on Twitter and tell the world about the great opportunity that site is missing, the mass pain they’re causing their users because of how they do something or the glaring oversight in their copy/design/UX?

Well now you can with Improve-on.com!

</Cheesy salesy intro>

Okay, so I clearly need a little refresh on my sales and marketing speak :S. And that is something I’m going to be working on over the next few weeks, I’ve long relied on word of mouth and my own small network of contacts for any self promotion I’ve needed to do in the past but now there is a much bigger challenge I’ve set myself with Improve-on.

Going back a few steps, Improve-on is a little startup idea I had a couple of months ago, I was reading Ginny Redish’s excellent “Letting go of the words” throughout which she makes comment on various websites by annotating a screen shot with little smiley faces and good/bad points. I liked the approach and thought it was a good mechanism for sharing thoughts about the site in question.

I thought it would be great if there were a site, which anyone could go to and share their own thoughts about websites and annotate them to help their explanations. So I searched and couldn’t find anything quite like what I was after. As a result I decided we at Moov2 would build it. The result is Improve-on.com.

We’re only just getting going on the site but wanted to get it out there and start getting some feedback so please go take a look around and sign up. If you have any feedback, positive or otherwise, please do send it over [email protected].

A bit more info is available in the first mailing sent out to our initial registered users (sent via the excellent Mailchimp).

I’ll be blogging our progress as things develop both here and over at the Moov2 blog.

NOTE: feel free to suggest improvements to this blog (like get some design going) by submitting ideas about it: http://improve-on.com/submit/danny-t.co.uk 🙂