Last weekend I attended the European Software Conference in London. Dave Collins (online marketing wizard) brought the event to my attention which I was previously completely unaware of. First impressions from the website were not great but Dave heartily recommended the event and it was extremely reasonably priced (€80 for a two day conference) so I signed up to find out for myself. I’m very glad I did.

The event was a smallish affair held at the Double Tree Hotel in London and consisted of two days of presentations covering content from marketing to project management techniques all focused around the objective of delivering and selling software. The target audience is the ISV/MicroISV (independent software vendor) and there was some great networking and chat. It was great fun to get to speak to a number of ISVs and find out about their different products, niches and varying success levels. Overall though everyone was there to seek advice, share tips and generally help each other out.

There were some great presentations from speakers ranging from experienced individuals with successful software projects to representatives from large corporations such as Microsoft and IBM. As well as being informative there were some good ‘food for thought’ presentations on topics such as Facebook credits, daily deal sites, the arrival of the software ‘marketplace’, dealing with piracy, patents and many others.

I definitely hope to attend next year (which is being held in Munich) and strongly advise anyone else interested in the business side of software development does so too. Check out more information on the ESWC website.