We’ve been doing a lot of research into responsive design at Moov2 the past couple of weeks. In a nutshell, this is the process of ensuring your web site/app re-flows and re-purposes its content to be optimised for the device upon which it is being viewed. In even simpler terms this is making sure web sites aren’t a massive pain in the ass to use on a mobile phone/tablet.

Throughout this research I’ve looked at a lot of sites that do and do not offer a responsive version and I’ve come to the conclusion this is an infinitely better way of building web content. In January 2010 approximately 2% of web traffic was on a mobile browser, now this is at nearly 8% and the trend is only going to continue upwards (source).

So my view is responsive design is how we should be creating all new web content. A responsive version of the Moov2 site will be available soon and I’m going to put some time aside to do the same for this blog (there are several wordpress plugins available that should make this quick work).