So I imagine very few people are bothered about this, but for anyone out there as precious as I am about things being ‘just right’ they might be interested in this.

Eclipse Logo

I prefer to use the Plugin version of Flex/Flash Builder than the stand alone install, I’m not sure why it just feels better and seems more stable to me. Anyway, if you run multiple versions of Eclipse for whatever reason then it can be a bit confusing having all the same icons.

Having just done a clean install of my Mac to try and squeeze some more life out of it (whoever said Macs don’t need this was lying – it helps a LOT), I wanted to address this HUGE issue of all my eclipse based applications having the same icon.

For example, the first thing I did was to download and install Eclipse, make a copy of the Eclipse installation and then download and install Flex Builder 3 and the Flash Builder 4 Beta.


Now I want to use the proper FB3 and FB4 logos on these instances so I can tell them apart (you can see why this keeps me up at night I’m sure). So firstly you might notice the icons in the dock are alias’ (shortcuts) rather than direct references to the applciations, this was so I could rename them to be “Flex Builder 3” and “Flash Builder 4” as opposed to both being called “Eclipse”.

Next, command click on the alias and select “get info” and you’ll see the properties inspector for your alias pop up. Now navigate to your applications folder and do another ‘get info’ on the Flex/Flash builder plugin application (which should have the icon you’re after):

Get Info

Now simply drag the large image at the bottom of the plugin get info panel into the little image at the top left of the alias get info panel et voila!
Nice Icons
Custom named, pretty icons for plugin versions of Flex on Eclipse.

I’m sure to the hard-core Mac users this was obvious but to the new breed like myself I’d be interested if anyone else actually finds this at all useful?