360 Flex Europe is going to be happening in Milan, Italy on April 7-9 2008.

I will be giving a talk on Development Best Practices – What are they and which to choose? Which basically, is an attempt to demystify a large number of ‘buzz’ best practices in our industry at the moment.

Like myself, I’m sure many people hear all the terms and have all the best intentions of looking into and following these great new ideals, techniques, tools and processes but realise weeks later they’ve been too busy doing real work and still haven’t gotten around to it. The talk is aimed at those who are not already following these practices but are keen to know what all the fuss is about. Obviously many already do but might wish to come along anyway and join in the discussion/correct me when I’m wrong :P.

The overall aim of the talk is to take these concepts and ideals that are thrown around the community as “Must-dos” and firstly, impart an understanding of what each is and then explain their merits and drawbacks and when/when not to implement. Also I’d like to provide enough info for anyone to take their first-steps in the mentioned practices without feeling overwhelmed by everything there is to learn. Due to the time available it won’t be an in-depth hands-on/how-to although there will be code-samples and demonstrations. All of this will be with a Flex bias but there will be a smattering of other related technologies thrown in for good measure.

The talk is still being put together but the current line up of things I’m considering to cover are as follows:

OOP best practices
Design Patterns
Source control
Agile Development
Unit testing
Working with server-side technologies (Web services, Remoting etc)
OR Mapping
Code Gen
…Suggestions? Feel free to comment below if you think I’m missing something important.

There was a lot of good press about last years 360 Flex in the states and all looks good for this year’s in Atlanta at the end of February. Myself and some colleagues will be attending all of 360 Flex Europe so if you’re going drop me a note and join us for a drink. Looks to be a great conference that is great value at $360 so I suggest you go sign up now 😀 360 Flex Europe.