I just read Aral’s post about Florian’s SWXml (an xml parser for SWX). I finished reading that post at 18:22 and by 18:25 I’d loaded my blog’s 10 most recent posts into flash!

That’s incredible on the easy scale. All i’ve ever done with SWX before now was the moo-card tutorial (which is about 4 lines of code) since my FOTB pledge to myself.

I even struggled with some basic AS syntax (array.length not .count as i was trying), so if I used Flash regularly I think that would have taken me around one minute to do. I had to do this for a project I worked on some months back and it took me best part of a day to get everything in place, setting up a php to xml parser loading the xml into flash, xmlObj-ing the xml when loaded!

+10 kudos points to Aral
+10 kudos points to Florian

My SWX RSS reader:

[kml_flashembed movie=”/projects/swx/RSSReader/RSSReader.swf” width=”252″ height=”167″ /]
and just so you know how easy: here is the source

Okay it’s not brilliant, but less than 3 minutes!