In a previous post I discussed signing up for webhosting, since then I tried to sign up for some budget hosting with 1and1. I am aware of a lot of bad press for 1and1 but I didn’t have overly high requirements and I didn’t want to spend a lot. However, true to form there was a problem trying to pay them using a perfectly valid credit card.

So, instead of spending hours of my life on the phone to 1and1 I made the concerted effort to setup my own LAMP hosting environment. My old dev PC has had its day as a full time machine (I now rely mainly on my laptop) so after backing up the files I wanted to keep I selected a Linux Operating System and embarked my journey into the lands of the Linux.

The OS chosen was SUSE 10.1 this was as a result of previous reccomendation by our placement student who seems to know something about everything (which is pretty handy) and it appeared to be the choice of the developers of Red5 (more on what that is later).

My next couple of posts will be on my experiance of installing and familiarising myself with Linux SUSE 10.1 and hopefully will then get back on track with setting up the hosting environment.