How to suck at running a business

10 years of doing it all wrong

By Dan Thomas / @DannyT

Do anything for £

…even if you suck at it

Get comfortable with what you know

…no need to keep up

Ignore marketing

…they'll be knocking at the door

Wait for a pat on the back

…you deserve it

Accept your demons

…and live with it

Clients suck

Work really hard, all the time

…you'll get everything done, eventually

You know best

…don't let anyone else do it

Money talk is awkward, don't do it

…everyone loves paying so what's to worry about?

Ignore finance stuff

…HMRC, tax and all that boring guff

Ignore what others are doing

…they can't possibly be good at this


…waste of time

Nothing can possibly go wrong

…it wont happen to you


Thanks :)