This is the first post of a few about the steps taken to create this site. Why? Well if ever I need to do it again, I’ll have a reference, also if anyone else is considering starting themselves a blog this might be a good starting point. Even as a fairly experienced web developer I was amazed as to how easy things were to set up.

  1. Domain Name – registered the domain at 123-reg, a quick search shows available domain names, one quick credit card transaction later you have your online identity.
  2. Webspace – signed up for some cheap hosting at [insert host here]. I then setup my domain name to point to the webspace (the details of which i’m not going to bore you with here, if you really want to know feel free to get in touch).

This far gets me the ability to have my own online presence and in fact if I were just after a blogging facility steps 1 and 2 can be avoided by using a free blog host or

The next step was to setup a development environment on my local computer…