About DannyT

Hi there I’m Dan Thomas, welcome to my always neglected about page.

Photo of Dan Thomas

A photo of me pouting, pretending I don't know a picture's being taken

I grew up in Bristol, worked in London for a while, went to university in Bournemouth where I subsequently set up my own software development agency (Moov2) and have now ended up with an office and home in the New Forest near Southampton, UK. It’s called the New Forest because it was new when it was created… in 1079!? Seemingly the name stuck, odd but true.

Here’s a bio I put together for talks and the like:

Dan has been at the helm of Moov2, a digital technology agency (or “bunch of software geeks” to the buzzword averse) for the best part of a decade. During this time he has helped develop many enterprise web, desktop and mobile applications using various tools and frameworks. His focus of late has been closely following the exciting rise of HTML5 and its exorbitant influence on the modern web and device evolution.

Tweeter of tweets @DannyT

Offline I’m into Mountain Biking, Video games, Snowboarding and Rugby mostly in that order depending on time of year, current injury status, bank balance and various other factors that I choose to make up as I see fit. In recent years I have also been rekindling my youthful passion for video games. Grown ups do that nowadays and that’s amazing.